You can buy as much new, up to date kit as you like but you still have to get it up that hill or round that club run. Nothing can replace fitness or your ability to monitor your performance during the ride.


There is no point trying to reinvent the wheel here. There are several excellent online resources that provide more information than you can shake a stick at when it comes to training aids. But reviews are one thing, what about 6,9,12 month down the line. Are these devices still functioning or plagued with bugs?


Power meters


This is a market with several established brands making good products with few differentiating factors. Great for the experienced consumer but potentially a headache for the first time buyer. New brands will continue to challenge the status quo but where do the manufacturers own brand power meters sit in the hierarchy because accuracy is one thing but lack of consistency makes your expensive crank/pedals/hubs a fancy paperweight.


Turbo trainers

Turbo trainers have been a boom market in the cycling world, helped by that pesky virus thing. They have not been without their issues, particularly new releases that attempt to work with 3rd party apps like Zwift and TrainerRoad. With a new breed of indoor bikes hitting the market, as well as accessories such as climbing simulation devices and rocker plates, now is a good time to expand your cycling into the indoor revolution (with our help, obviously).


While there is a lot of easily accessed data for both of these products doing the leg work is time consuming. Why not let Bike Authority sweat some of the finer details and point you in the right direction.





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