So what is it all going to cost?  The pricing is set out below in what is hopefully a fair, clear and reasonable way. Certain elements, like bikes and frames, have tiered pricing to reflect the additional work needed on the more expensive items. Some areas are unfortunately price on application as there are just too many seperate items to list. Rest assured you won't be expected to commit to anything without the price being confirmed. 


It's also worth noting that there is flexibility to the prices. For example, if you are looking for a new bike and want a summary report of three models chosen by you this will be reflected in a reduced fee. If you have £3000/€3500/$4000 to spend and want to consider the entire market then you pay the going rate as listed below. The aim is to keep it as simple and as transparent as possible.


Whichever service, or combination of services, you choose the price will be confirmed beforehand. What is guaranteed is that you'll never be asked to pay more than the quote (unless you ask for additional services), even if the work is more than we anticipated.


As you have been reading through the site hopefully you have picked up that first ad foremost I am cyclist. While I appreciate that my knowledge and experience have some value I have not started to make money. As such I will be giving 25% of what I charge you to charity. There is a page with mpre details if you want to know more. 




budget under  £1000/€1200/$1500                                           £25/€30/$35


budget up to £2500/€3000/$3500                                           £50/€60/$70


budget up to £5000/€3500/$6000                                           £75/€90/$105


budget over £5000/€5500/$6000                                            £100/€120/$140




budget under £1000/€1200/$1500                                            £20/€25/$30


budget up to £2500/€3000/$3500                                           £40/€50/$60


budget over £2500/€3000/$3500                                            £60/€75/$90





Turbo trainers and Power meters                                                                                £20/€25/$30                          


The other stuff                                                                                                              POA (max£25/€30/$35)


That quick run down on a product that I just read about on the previous page           £2.50/€3.00/$3.50            


eBay review/report service                                                                                           £10/€12/$15     




Price list