The million dollar question, should you bother?


I tend to think the answer is yes, of course its worth it. A predictable response, what business would tell potential customers not to bother. This is a fair point but recommending these services just to make money is not the motivation, its done because I know how much time, effort and graft is needed to get yourself to the point of making a decision. 


But don't take my word for it. In the same way that us cyclists put our trust and faith in each other whenever we sit on a wheel we reckon there is no better way to sell ourselves than let you read a few comments from like minded lovers of our great sport, who also happen to have used the services in one form or another.


"I swear these guys use a different interent to the rest of us. Always up to date with the latest releases and an uncanny ability to find deals that I couldn't find despite hours of looking."


"I had my doubts but I was pleaseantly surprised. I received some suggestions that I'd not been aware of. Very happy with the wheels that were recommended."


"Really felt that the Bike Authority team understood exacty what I was looking for. Makes a change to get advice that is focused on me and not a shop's agenda."


"Bike Authority has assisted me on numerous occasions over the years, where I have relied on their impressive knowledge and understanding of the cycling world. They have been meticulous in understanding what I want. Expect to have your thinking challenged but know it is to ensure you end up with the best products available."


"I can't thank you enough, I must have saved in excess of £2000 with your advice and guidance."


"Marginal gains just for the pros, think again. I never knew there were so many variables to consider just buying tyres. Seemingly these guys have every angle covered."


"As a newbie to cycling I wasn't really sure which purchase was the right one. Mike at Bike Authority went above and beyond. He broke it down into simple and easy to understand categories and explained the rationale behind his suggestions. Spot on."

Is it worth it?