There is simply so much kit to buy as a cyclist we are pretty sure you never get to the point you don't need to buy something new. The number of times that the bike seems to be "finished" or you think you've got all the kit you need and then those pesky manufacturers release the next best thing or new research hits the web showing that certain cycling folklore needs to be relegated to the history book. As technology advances new materials find their way onto our bikes. Whether its a new material entirely, like the recent introduction of graphene, or just advances in current material tech (hands up if you knew plastic innner tubes were a thing) its probably safe to say that you want to know a bit more before you spend £28 on that inner tube (Yes, really. Its not a typo). 

Cycling stuff isn't just the reserve of the big manufacturers. There are hundreds of small scale businesses producing niche products for our cycling needs. Carbon saddles that look as comfortable as a stone, but are actually an engineering master piece, or superlight seatposts that weigh less than a stock set of QR skewers. Perhaps you simply want to move away from the mainstream brands so your bike is a bit more individualised. Its not just about light parts though. The performance gains available from the simple tyre should not be overlooked. Grip, comfort, rolling resistance, puncture protection and longevity are all key areas of differentiation. The trick is not only knowing how to find all the information but putting everything together to form a reasoned decision. You could spend hours trawling the web but why bother when you don't have to?


And its not just the bits on the bike that can be upgraded, there are plenty of performance gains to be had from your wardrobe. Helmets, socks, jerseys, skinsuits and gloves individually, or combined, offer a surprising amount of efficiency and comfort advantages.

Whether it's handlebars, saddles, innertubes or the humble, but essential, bar tape there is every chance Bike Authority can find some improvements from the least likely areas.




All the other bits