came into existence so as to pass on knowledge and help fellow cyclists enjoy our great sport. Ever been into a bike shop and walked out feeling you have been sold what they've got or that some time after your purchase you realise it really wasn't the right item? It's definitely a familiar experience that could easily be avoided.

So who is behind bike authority? If you make contact then 99% of the time you will correspond with me, Mike, the creator. My love for cycling essentially developed from an early age. Bikes meant freedom, whether that meant the sunday paper round so I could buy MBUK or exploring the woods at the end of the street. Despite being a mtber I'd never miss the Tour de France highlights. It was only a matter of time before I embraced my inner love of colourful lycra (yes that's me racing my MTB in an Ariostea jersey aged 13) and was blessed with a Bianchi as my first road bike. Since then my love for the road cycling scene has continued to grow. From bikepacking before it was even a thing, building and fixing bike to organsing European trips I've dabbled in most things. Although my racing days are well and truly behind me I'm still out on my bikes as much as possible (shout out to the boys and girls of Ex Machina race team in south west London who let me train with them) and not afraid of a challenge. Hopefully the NC500 and the GDMBR will soon be added to my palmares.

These days I primarily specialise in the performance aspect of road bikes. In the current market that largely means aerodynamics of most bike parts as well as the often forgotten world of rolling resistance and friction. This basically means physics. While I don't have a background in fluid dynamics or tribology (friction science in case you are scratching your head) I do have degrees and a MSc in healthcare. How is that helpful - while I'm technically better qualified to offer exercise physiology advice (follow a 80/20 polarised plan, now you don't need to get a coach) my education has provided me with years of experience in reading, critically analysing and interpreting research. Apply this to my self taught understanding of factors affecting road bike performance and you have access to someone who can provide up to date and objective advice on maximising your kit.

Despite this my inner weight weenie, which is where my kit obsession first developed, can never be completely forgotten (and in truth nor should it be). With that said I relish those moments that a non cycling friend wants to start cycling and needs advice. Having stood in many a bike shop and overheard average advice being given to clearly inexperienced customers (as well as those that should know better) I savour the opportunity not only to help people get good kit for sensible money but also the chance to be involved in someone's journey into the world of cycling. With almost 30 years experience of racing and riding both mountain and road bikes it's fair to say there is a fair bit of knowledge in my head and I've certainly been through the buying process enough times to have made loads of mistakes. I have learnt which products I like and those that work for my needs but ultimately understand everyone has different likes, dislikes and requirements.


The market is awash with products from traditional brands to new start ups and then there is the direct to customer far east products. Understanding what is what and if a product is worth it can be hard work. Having owned multiple products from all three categories there is no doubt that I can guide and advise you, whether you are a new cyclist wanting their first bike, a seasoned rider looking for some good value kit or a cycling aficionado wanting the latest and greatest that the market has to offer. An important principle in all this is impartiality and independance. There is no sponsorship or brand affliation here, if you get recommended a product its because it's the best for you. Neither is our research limited by price, from the "surely it's too cheap" to the sublimely expensive, no product/brand/manufacturer is ruled out. 


So if you want help with choosing your new bike, are confused by all the jargon you read in the reviews, want some objective help with making your bike faster or simply don't have the patience or time to research all the products why not let step in and help you out.

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