If you've got this far its probably safe to assume that we've piqued your interest. The nuts and bolts of how we get our info, where are inside tips come from and how we come to our conclusions remain our closely guarded secret. Having said that, in an attempt to provide some insight into what you might be signing up to we've created this page to give a rough overview of what our process looks like, what we need from you and what you get out of it at the end. 


1 Once you've got in touch with us we will send you a detailed questionnaire that should provide us with all the info we need. There maybe a bit of toing and froing while we button down the details.

2. We create a rider profile based on the info you send us.

3. We get to work on the specifics of the assitance you require. We consult our custom databases to match you with the best equipment in your budget as well as looking into the upcoming new relases to make sure you are getting the newest stuff on the market.

4. We will send you a written report with our conclusions. Depending on what you've asked from us this may be a paragraph or several pages. There will be enough detail to help you understand the logic of our recommendations without boring you with all the permutations that it took to get to that point.

5. If you want to have a chat about things further, need something clarifying or perhaps want to debate our ideas we are happy to engage with you as much as we can.

6. You are all set to go buy you new gear (or ask us to help if necessary).



As much as we'd like to do this for the simple love of helping people enjoy their cycling the reaity of life means our services come with a charge. Over on the next page is an indication of what we charge for our services. 





The Process