The Charity stuff

So as you probably read on the pricing page I'm going to give 25% of the turnover from to charity. That isn't because I'm making loads of money or just have wealth from other means, it's because I'm a cyclist and I want to do my bit to get more people on two wheels.


My plan is to give money to local organisations whose aim is promote cycling. It may be helping to teach kids to cycle, road safety classes, providing bikes to disadvantaged youngsters or maybe helping aspiring racers from disadvantaged backgrounds. You may be reading this thinking "thats lovely but why do I want to help British kids when I live in Singapore/Portland/insert your city here". I'd say that is a fair comment, which is why I plan to try and help organisations in your communities. Obviously I don't know every cycling charity or project in the world so I may be asking for your help. That doesn't mean I'm automatically giving money to the charity you suggest but it will certainly be on my consideration list.



Donations will be given periodically during the year rather than after each consultation, and I will aim to keep a track of them on this page so you can see where the money is going.


So now you have no excuse. Not only will you benefit from up to date technical advice and guidance on your purchases, you will also be helping those less fortunate than ourselves to get into cycling.


1. - a community project based in south west London whose aim is to not only get bikes to those in need but also equip owners with the knowlegde and skills to keep their bike fully functional