So how exactly can we help?


Whether it's comfort, efficiency or just riding faster I'm sure we can all agree that when buying a new bit of kit we hope to see some kind of improvement in performance. The manufacturers spend time and money on R&D but what does that mean to you as a consumer? How does hub design affect wheel performance? Does a 12r carbon frame ride differently to one made with OCLV? What magic properties make one tyre faster than another? A popular product doesn't necessarily make it the best, and there are plenty of examples where this is the case. Our service is therefore to understand the techincal features behind the design and construction processes and to match you with products that will provide best possible performance upgrades.


We reckon there are 4 areas where a meaningful difference to your purchase can be made, although to be honest we fancy ourselves knowledgeable enough to take on pretty much any category within the road cycling world that you care to throw at us. The drop down menu above will take you to our thoughts about bikes, frames, wheels and training aids. For good measure we've included an "Everything else" section to cover all those other categories where improvements can be had.


The information is by no means exhaustive nor a reflection of everything we have to say on the subjects. It is there to give you a flavour of how we think about each area, the factors that we consider when analysing your profile and the extent we go to in trying to find the products that will best suit you.



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